Roster Management: Employee Details


Roster Employee Context Panel

A handy feature that exists in the employee roster screen is the Employee Context Panel. It provides more information about the employee in general, as well as a summary of the employees scheduling information. The panel can be access by simply clicking on the employee’s name within the roster:


From within the panel, there are 3 tabs that you can click on to get more information about:


  1. The employee’s work summary (shifts):

  1. The employee’s availability (upcoming leave or unavailability):

From the Availability tab you can add, edit or delete an existing unavailability. When an employee’s unavailability is changed by a manager, employees will receive a notification letting them know via email. Managers can also receive an email notification when an employee unavailability changes by going to “Account” -> “Manage Notifications” and selecting “Email me when an employee that I supervise is unavailable to work”.


  1. Work and selected personal details: