Timesheet Management: Create Timesheets


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Create Timesheets

Managers can submit timesheets on behalf of employees in the employee management area. This is accessible by clicking the “Create Timesheets” button on the Employee Management home screen as shown below.

From the timesheet entry screen:

Adjust the week (or fortnight) for which the timesheets are to be entered. You can click on the left or right arrows to jump by weeks, or you can click the date box to pop up the calendar to choose your dates.

Select the week or fortnight ending date

Enter / Select your employee’s name (drop down box). The timesheet grid will then be presented.

Enter the employee name

Enter the timesheet data including:

  • Work Type – this may be mandatory for some companies
  • Start Time – time the employee commenced the shift
  • End Time – time the employee finished the shift
  • Break Start & End – if the employee took a break
  • Location – this may be mandatory

If you need to clear the timesheet line, click the red ‘x’ on the right-hand side of the line. (Note: approved/processed/rejected timesheets are unable to be edited or cleared from this screen. Refer section on Editing Timesheets for further instructions).

Enter all required data. Use the red x to clear a line

Once all required details have been entered, click the Save button.

TIP: If the user has “Approve Timesheets” permission, the ‘Save’ button will have an additional option to ‘Save and approve’ by clicking the arrow to the right of the button.

Editing & Additional Details

Some additional timesheet details are not able to be entered via the timesheet grid and must be entered via the timesheet editor. These details include:

  • Notes for the timesheet
  • Add Additional breaks (if more than one break was taken)
  • Higher classification (if an employee is on an employment agreement and works higher duties for a period).

If any of these details are required, the timesheet editor can be opened by clicking the blue pencil icon on the right-hand side of each timesheet line.

NOTE: you cannot edit timesheets that are already approved or rejected. See Editing approved timesheets for more details.

Edit a timesheet by clicking the blue pencil icon

Doing so will open the timesheet editor where all aspects of the timesheet may be edited. Once the required changes have been made, click ‘Apply’ to close the dialog and return to the timesheet grid. Remember to Save your changes.

Actions Menu

Clicking on the ‘Actions’ button provides several additional features:

  • Add another timesheet line: If the employee works multiple Shifts, Work Types or Locations for the one day, this action will enable the user to add another line for that day.
  • Copy timesheets from last week:This will pre-fill the timesheets for this period with the same timesheets that were entered in the last period. The timesheets may then be modified as required before clicking Save.
  • Clear timesheets: This will clear all the timesheets. Note: Approved/Processed/Rejected timesheets are read-only and cannot be cleared.
  • Revert changes: This will reload the timesheets for this period, discarding any changes made since the last save.

Click the Actions button for additional features

Productivity Tips

  • The fastest method of data entry is to click on a cell and then begin typing. To move to the next cell, either press Tab or Enter or one of the arrow keys.
  • Copy and Paste is available. You may fill in one timesheet line, then select it, copy and then paste it into another line. You may also copy timesheet(s) from a different period and paste them in
  • Drag-down is available. Notice the little square (fill handle) in the corner of the selected cell. You can drag it (drag-down) to repeat the values from the cell.
  • For any advanced functions (such as entering additional breaks or notes), click the pencil icon on the right to bring up a timesheet editor
  • No changes are saved until you click the Save