Create Leave Requests


Creating leave requests on behalf of an employee

Managers can create leave on behalf of employees in the employee management area. This is accessible by clicking on the ‘Leave’ -> ‘Create Request’ option on the menu, or click on the “Create Leave Requests” button on the payroll dashboard…

This screen allows you to:

  1. Choose the employee/s for which the leave request applies. Once you click within the box, you will be able to select from the employee list.
  2. Leave Category (Annual, Sick etc)
  3. Note – any notes that may be relevant
  4. First and last day of leave (If only one day is requested, these dates are the same).
  5. The box below confirms the employees that have been chosen. It also displays the amount of available leave hours that they have. If they do not have enough leave, the system will highlight in red to indicate that they do not have enough leave available to cover the requested amount. You can override this warning and approve the leave.
  6. Tick box “Approve Immediately”. You may have the option to approve the leave request immediately, or move it to “Pending” to be assessed later.

A handy feature of this screen is that if you enter leave for an employee that overlaps with another employee, an alert will show with the overlapping employees and dates.

  1. If you create a leave request for just a single employee, you’ll also be able to attach a document for that leave request e.g. Medical Certificate

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