Timesheet Management: Approving Timesheets


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Approve Timesheets

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is the responsibility of the approving manager to check and review all submitted timesheets before approving. While TouchPoint staff will check for errors, ultimately it is the responsibility of the approving manager to ensure that timesheets have been entered correctly. IF YOU APPROVE IT, WE WILL PAY IT.

Timesheets must be submitted and approved before 10 am on the day your payroll is processed. 

Timesheets cannot be processed until they are either Approved or Rejected. To view and approve timesheets click the “Approve Timesheets” button on the Employee Management home screen as shown below.

Approve Timesheets

This option allows you to view and approve groups of employees rather than one employee per page.


In the approval screen only submitted timesheets are shown by default. It’s important to understand that if you do not changes your filters you will not be viewing all the timesheets.

Start by filtering the “Grouped by” to EMPLOYEE and “Status” to ANY. This is the easiest way to review all timesheets for staff members in the pay period.

Remember to select the Week/Fortnight ENDING date (it’s set to Weekly by default, you need to manually change the filter to Fortnightly). Select the other filtering options as you need.

Always change your filters before you start reviewing timesheets

At this point, amendments can only be made by selecting the blue “pencil’ icon on the far right of the timesheet line and editing as necessary. Note: Amendments cannot be made to Approved or Rejected timesheet. (*read further below for Editing Approved Timesheets). Therefore you will note that the blue pencil icon will only be visible when the timesheet status is marked as SUBMITTED.

If you are happy with the timesheets, select the Approve Timesheet button to approve ALL timesheets, or select / highlight individual employee names or individual timesheet lines and approve separately. Similarly, if the timesheet is to be rejected, select the Reject Timesheet button.

Note: Always check the number of timesheets selected when Undoing, Approving, Rejecting or Deleting timesheets. Use the ‘Clear Selection’ button if you are unsure, and start your selection again.


Editing Approved Timesheets

If a timesheet has already been approved or rejected, you must undo this process to edit it. Select the relevant timesheet(s) and click the Undo Timesheet button – this will revert the selected timesheet to its previous “submitted” state; the blue pencil icon will now appear giving you the option to edit the timesheet. Click on the blue pencil icon and make amendments on the overlay which opens.

Click ‘Undo timesheet’ button to edit timesheet that have already been approved or rejected


Delete Timesheet

At times it may be necessary to delete an unwanted timesheet, however it is important to note that once a timesheet has been deleted, all record of it will be removed from the system. For this reason, it is often better if the “Reject Timesheet” function is used instead; this way the timesheet will remain in the system should it need to be traceable for auditing/compliance purposes.

Consider carefully before deleting a timesheet.